In Ground Blinds, LLC was founded in 2015 by a father and daughter team, Paul and Claire Keller. Together they are dedicated to developing quality hunting products. Thanks to Paul's designs, they now offer these products to help hunters of all ages and skills hunt safely and more successfully.

 Paul Keller with his 18 point buck that was taken from the ground!

Paul Keller with his 18 point buck that was taken from the ground!

Welcome fellow hunters!

I was fortunate to grow up hunting, fishing and trapping in my home state of Wisconsin. I have enjoyed all of my time outdoors, but I must confess the mature whitetail deer has commanded most of my attention. 

After a personal experience watching a friend fall eighteen feet while installing a tree stand, (while wearing a safety harness), I realized there had to be another way to hunt mature whitetail deer. I have been hunting whitetails from the age of 14 and have had a lot of success hunting from a tree stand.  I was hesitant to give it up.  I have spent about 90% of my time hunting from a tree even though my two biggest bucks were taken while I was on the ground. Upon doing some research, I found that 9 of the top 10 B&C typicals of all time were also harvested with various methods from the ground. 

With this research and my personal experience, I realized that I needed to get better at hunting from the ground. To be successful on the ground, you have to be able to hide from game, or your hunt is over. Animals don't have x-ray vision, so they can't see through trees, brush piles, or tent walls. Tent blinds can be effective, but don't really provide a quality hunting experience. Hunting should be outdoors! My frustration led me to invent the In Ground Blind, which has many advantages for those times when stand hunting is most productive.

Hunting from the ground is the most challenging (and rewarding) way to harvest an animal.  It can take many years to get good at it. The animals we pursue have all of the advantages.  I have developed some tools that even the playing field for the hunter, and cut years of mistakes out of the learning curve.  I offer them to you so you can get out of the trees too!

All of our products have a one-year satisfaction guarantee.  This means you can try a product this hunting season, and if you don't like it, just return it for your money back. You don't find that offer everywhere! 

May you find enjoyment in each day, and good luck out there!

Paul Keller, Owner


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