In Ground Blind

In Ground Blind

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Hiding from game has never been easier! The In Ground Blind is built to last a lifetime and allows you to sit comfortably at ground level. Just dig a shallow hole about a foot deep, drop in the blind, and you have a low-profile, long-lasting, clean and dry place to hunt! This blind won't frost-heave because of it's flexible sidewall construction. Free padlock and carry strap included! Add a camouflage padded seat with adjustable back support for ultimate comfort with the "Add Seat" icon above. Add a swivel to the bottom of the lid support with the "Select Lid Support" icon above. The In Ground Blind is so revolutionary, it's patented! Only available here.

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Roto-molded plastic exterior has UV inhibitor and is approximately 3/16" thick. Each In Ground Blind includes a felted lid support platform made of treated plywood, a plastic vapor barrier, a durable plastic platform for the bottom of the hole, four 10" metal stakes to secure the blind to the ground, and an over-the-shoulder carry strap. Stainless steel metal hinge and lock components.