Original In Ground Blind

Original In Ground Blind

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The In Ground Blind is built to last a lifetime and allows you to stay clean while sitting comfortably at ground level. A shallow hole about a foot deep provides geothermal heating for your feet in cold weather, and hides lower body movements from game. Rodents like mice, squirrels, and chipmunks don’t touch this blind because there are no vegetable oils in the plastic housing. This blind won't frost-heave because of it's flexible sidewall construction, and adjusts for hunters from three to seven feet tall. The lockable hinged lid opens and closes silently and keeps the rain out with a complete drip edge. Add a camouflage padded seat with adjustable back support for ultimate comfort with the "Add Back Support Seat" icon above. Add a swivel to the bottom of the lid support with the "Add Swivel Under Seat Platform" icon above. The In Ground Blind is so revolutionary it's patented and is only available here. Be sure to check out the Model 2 In Ground Blind if the soils where you hunt are pure sand or gravel or are saturated with water as found in marshes and swamps.


Roto-molded plastic exterior has UV inhibitor and is approximately 3/16" thick. Each In Ground Blind includes a felted lid support platform made of treated plywood, a flexible plastic vapor barrier, wire mesh rodent barrier, a removable plastic disc bottom, four 10" metal stakes to secure the blind to the ground, a removable over-the-shoulder carry strap, a keyed aluminum padlock, and an owner’s manual. Metal hinge and lock components are stainless steel. Adding the swivel to the seat platform reduces the weight capacity to 275 lbs, otherwise there is no weight limit to this blind! Total product weight including all components, optional seat swivel and extra padded seat is approx 22 lbs. The padded seat has a shoulder carrying strap so one seat can be used for many blind locations.

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