Change It Up!


Most hunters become comfortable going to the same stand location(s) year after year, especially if they've had some success there. Some hunters will experience the same hunt from the same location for decades with occasional success and never wonder if there is more out there. If this sounds like you, and you are content with your hunting, I won't tell you to change a thing. If you know mature bucks are using the property you hunt and you want to see them more often, you'll have to get used to working a little harder to change things up. We are our own worst enemy when it comes to making deer hard to hunt. We need to work to make our entry and exit routes undetectable. We need to have the discipline to hunt locations only when conditions favor us, so we won't be seen, smelled, or heard. And we need to change the way we hunt a property on a regular basis, because deer figure us out quicker than we think. Once a buck knows what we're up to, he's won the game! We will continue to hunt, thinking that it's just a matter of time before he ambles by. In reality he will continue to avoid our location without us having a clue. The following hunting season for the same buck will likely have the same outcome for the same reason. We often think of finding a new property to hunt when things aren't going our way. What we need more than new property is a new way to hunt the property we already have. The reward is worth the work. Change it up! 

Paul Keller