Predicting Travel Patterns

Prey species like turkeys and deer have survived for eons by using survival techniques to avoid becoming a predator's dinner. These techniques can be used to our advantage once we understand them.

This deer trail has been used by generations of deer.

This deer trail has been used by generations of deer.

For example, many hunters are unaware that Tom turkeys have preferred strutting locations in their home range and will travel a predictable, safe route between them during breeding season. Killing a Tom without the aid of calling may seem impossible to some, but this challenge is just like patterning a mature buck on one of his travel routes. The key is to understand what makes that animal feel safe while traveling.

Once a travel pattern is identified and understood, future generations of animals can be harvested doing exactly the same thing in the same location. Avoiding disturbing animals by observing from a distance or using scouting cameras can help us understand when and why animals travel predictable routes. By matching our hunting equipment to the location, and avoiding detection by the animal while entering, hunting, and leaving that location, we can expect success much more frequently. 

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