Rifle Dead Stick

Rifle Dead Stick


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For people who prefer a more rigid attachment than the Universal Dead Stick, we offer the Rifle Dead Stick. It is designed for shooting from the prone, kneeling, sitting, and standing positions. It can totally eliminate flinching as you can't drop the barrel while aiming. Attach it to your gun at the front sling port with included wood and machine thread screws, or shoot it separately from the padded shelf. Shelf pivots on the handle for shooting at upward and downward angles. Detachable foot props your gun upright at ground level and prevents the stick from sliding through tree stand platform gaps. Dead Stick weighs less than 12 ounces!

The Shotgun "Dead Stick" has its own page on this website. If your gun doesn't have a sling screw on the forearm, check out the Universal "Dead Stick".  If you'd like an "AR Dead Stick" which attaches to your AR via the M-LOC System, contact us. No middle-man, you have to buy it here! 

Not sure if you should get a right or left-handed Dead Stick? If you pull the trigger with your right hand, you should get a right-handed Dead Stick. Still unsure? Give us a call!

A testimonial:

"I hunt in treestands, and I've always looked for a shooting stick that you can use in the tree. This does just that. It attaches right to the gun, so you don't have to hold on to the shooting stick all day like you have to do with the saddle type sticks. It's easy to adjust, just a trigger that you squeeze. It comes with a foot that you rest on your platform, so you don't have to attach anything extra to your stand. It has the added benefit of keeping your gun pointed down range, so it takes no time to get your gun up when deer pass by."


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Shelf and adjustment lever are aluminum.  42" stick is black uv-resistant fiberglass and stores parallel to the gun stock for carrying. Handle is tough pvc plastic.  Matte black painted finish. Patent pending.