Creating a Bed

Acres of bedding cover such as crp or prairie are just cover and will not be used by deer to bed in without a flat bedding location.

An absolutely flat, slightly raised bed can be created in minutes with common gardening tools such as a shovel or hoe. Deer eventually find and use these locations to use as a bed during the day. Having a buck bedded on your hunting property during the day means you have a better chance to see him during hunting hours.  

If you want to have a mature, dominant buck on the property you hunt, while you are hunting, you should focus on creating several preferred bedding areas there. Making a bedding location "preferred" means it meets all of the deer's comfort requirements. A flat, undisturbed, and quiet location (out of the wind) will become a preferred bedding area and remain that way for generations of bucks if those conditions don't change.  Creating preferred bedding is a fun way to know what the most dominant buck in your area is up to. Knowing the exact location a buck is bedding makes sleeping difficult, but getting out of bed in the morning easy.

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