Nock - Splitter

Nock - Splitter

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Aluminum construction. Quiet design. Deadly accurate.

This archery shooting stick allows you to hold a heavy compound bow upright without movement while game is approaching and will show you the accuracy your compound bow is really capable of! It is fully adjustable to fit virtually any compound bow. It will even work with Hoyt bows with an offset stabilzer port with our longer attachment bracket. (Select above.) Slide your bow up and down the support rod with the touch of a finger and shoot better than ever before. Removes bow shoulder strain and allows any archer to hold as long as required to make an accurate shot.

Choose between the following rod types:

Original Rod: Click for image. Measures 48 inches, making it perfect for shooting from seated or kneeling positions. Adding an extension allows shooting from the standing position for archers up to 6'4". Taller archers can order a custom size by contacting us. Weighs 11 ounces.

Tri-Stand: Click for image. This rod is perfect for frozen ground when installing our ground anchor is not possible. The rod’s folding feet keep the bow in the upright position for minimal movement while hunting, and eliminate bending over to pick your bow off of the ground while target shooting. Measures 44 inches. Weighs only 13 ounces.

Each order includes a copy of our hunting DVD, Ground Games Vol. 1.

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